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But the Good news is, far more of them are cancelled on appeal than are upheld.

ParkingFinesandLines.com, the UK’s most qualitative Parking Ticket Appeal website offers you the tips, information and advise you need to get over the bad news fast by getting that ticket squashed, Now!.

And this service, to aid the UK's hard pressed motorists,  is FREE Yes! every single page of it - But still provides a quality better than what you might have to pay for elsewhere- Don't take our word for it - Check it out! and tell your friends and relatives. We want every single motorist in the UK to share in the good news. Help is finally at hand.

Our Jewels and Gold Nuggets of information include

Our Treasure Trove Zone -‘Hidden’ Pro-motorist Government guidelines exposed and explained, instructing councils to, amongst others-

  • Accept valid paperwork time (even if not visible to the Attendant or in excess of the allowed loading duration.) as part of loading activity
  • Consider giving 20 minutes observation time (not the usual 5 or 0 minutes) to Commercial vehicles loading on the highway
  • NOT churn out standard letters to written appeals
  • Give first offenders the benefit of the doubt when circumstances are unclear

Our Animation Zone - The UK’s first and only Virtual Controlled Parking Zone-

  • Bringing to life, it’s most common parking infringements with full illustration of the right signs and lines for each and links to detailed explanation of each contravention- including little known tips on how to appeal them all,
  • Fully Illustrated and explained examples of how to spot dodgy tickets on yellow lines (codes 01, 02 & 20), shared use bays (code 12) incorrect parking,(code 24 and 27) meter feeding (code 07) and much much more

Our Appeal Zone -

  • A bank of tested phrases to use when writing your appeals against parking tickets, put together by our team of former Council parking Appeal officers
  • Full explanation with illustrations of the appeal process
  • How to gather evidence on Street to contest parking tickets with advise supplied by former enforcement officers and traffic designers

We also have a FinesandlinesZone with -

  • Fully referenced explanations of the different types of parking restrictions and controls in the UK
  • The first ever ‘idiots’ Guide to the ‘Bible’ of UK Parking Enforcement –the Intimidating Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions Compendium which lays own the design rules for every single parking line and sign in the United Kingdom in a simple and readily accessible manner

 You won't get it better  anywhere else on the World Wide Web, not with the sheer volume, quality and utility of the information provided here - including advise and tips absolutely essential to getting that Parking Ticket cancelled - Over 150 pages of comprehensive content by knowledgeable experts in the industry! 


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